The Story & Intent

Miranda's Story

Hello beautiful human,
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. My name is Miranda and I am a natural healer, energy worker and registered massage therapist. I have been an RMT since 2013, working in various settings in Ontario. I came into healing very naturally at an early age. Starting with relaxation massage in a spa. I simply fell in love with nurturing and empowering others. On my journey as a a healer I have had the opportunity to volunteer as a mental health advocate, hospice care centers and retirement homes.Working closely with various clients presenting with ptsd, mental health difficulties, addiction, grief and abuse.

Over the years I have learned and integrated many modalities specific to therapeutic massage. Including but not not limited to relaxation, basic Swedish massage, John F. Barnes myofascial, thai, hot stone, joint mobilization, sports massage, deep tissue, active and passive release, abdominal release. manual stretching, and pregnancy massage. A clear picture began to form that bringing clients to a place of pain free mobility, stability and strengthening ability brought them to a higher sense of general well being.

And yet...

Something seems to be missing. Clients returned and returned. Revisiting the same pain. Again and again. A cyclical return. I began to dig deeper to gain a better sense of how to help more efficiently. I created a dynamic form of questioning to see if I could find a pattern. Learning more about my clients diet, exercise, general wellness, water intake, mindset, medications, supplements, social dynamics, belief systems.

I began to see clear patterns. Patterns of trauma. Patterns of disempowerment. Patterns of residual pain. First let me clarify trauma as I see it. It has a stigma like nothing I have ever seen.

The world’s definition is as such;

    1. Serious injury to the body, as from physical violence or an accident
    1. Severe emotional or mental distress caused by an experience.
    1. An experience that causes severe anxiety or emotional distress, such as rape or combat.

      Please let me add to this definition. Although truthful, it lacks your personal experience, perspective, belief systems, mindset and any external stressors at the time. One person may experience an initial trauma of a concussion and to them it truly may be the worst experience of their life. Another may experience the same concussion, but in their life previously they may have had a car accident. In a relative perspective they may have found the concussion nothing at all. Trauma affects our bodies at a cellular level. It also has electrical signaling and energetic consequences. Trauma can affect a person's fundemental foundations, the core of their being.

Trauma is a multilayered issue... Take the person who experienced the concussion, for example, we are going to say this person visited a hospital, then doctor, then physiotherapist and they followed through on all therapies. Their workplace was understanding of their injury. They experienced support via family and friends. They recovered well. They safely managed the trauma. Recovery came in a timely fashion. All was resolved. Life resumed and all is well.

Now let’s take a minute and say that the above person was not guided through proper healing channels. They struggled to find the right place to receive healing and were not given an appropriate diagnosis. Their work was not understanding and did not make appropriate accommodations for them. Their family is not present in their life. They have extremely supportive friends, but due to family issues as a child they are afraid to ask too much of them. This person feels helpless. Lacks support. Over the next year or two their sleep has become affected. The trauma builds. In this person's body a fight begins. Hormones become imbalanced. Stress increases. Intestinal issues may begin ie; IBS, lower abdominal pain. The body unfortunately looks like it is attacking itself. Their muscles are over tight, weak, and imbalanced. They begin to suffer migraine headaches.

You may be thinking this is an overstretch. Unfortunately, it is not. I see things like this on a daily basis. Without addressing the initial trauma the body, mind and spirit have a difficulty holding balance. The battle between a flight and fight response. So often an underlying adrenal fatigue begins.

Our brains perceive each trauma. We create signaling in order to protect us from the next. The complication comes from the ill definition of trauma within our society. We may have experienced trauma and not known to receive help in order to help remove the signaling of protection. Every trauma after the initial has the potential to cause a chain reaction. Mental, physical and spiritual guarding occurs.

Trauma goes far beyond the mind. Remove any thought of severity, as severity is too relative of a term. See it as a collection of damages you have incurred throughout your life. Some may be minor, some severe. The body itself remembers the exact moment of every experience. It is held in this form until released by deep work of self, physical release or by aid of a skilled professional in the modality that is required to heal that particular damage.

Now I know. You are reading this… You are thinking, but I just want a massage. You have every right to that. There are plenty of practitioners out there who will give you just what you are looking for. I still provide that and always will. I only wish to share with you my story and my passion. I want to open a door for those who may be silently suffering. All are always welcome in my space.

After experiencing multiple traumas in my own life. During which I witnessed and experienced a lack of compassion, understanding and grace. This overwhelming process led me to see that there is a serious lack in education in regards to trauma via healthcare, social/economic dynamics and familial settings. "You simply cannot understand what you have yet to experience". It is extremely difficult to convay the depth of something that tends to have no visable physical dysfuntion.

In the many years of reclaiming my sense of wellbeing I discovered so much more than I could have ever imagined. I became a healer so I could give all that I have learned through trial and error away to you. For many years I chose to separate my businesses in fear that they would not be accepted as a whole. I was an RMT. Separately, a healer, life coach, energy worker, sound healer. After opening my own space in 2020 the worlds collided. A comfort grew. It was as if my spirit was no longer giving me the choice to separate. With an open mind, practice and patience I can see the encouraging effects of these methods . Combining the whole of every modality I have invested in learning has helped me to create an unique altruistic approach for every individual.

Over years of practice I have learned 3 major elements;

  • You, the client, are a human being. Those who have experienced deep pain and traumas must have this recognized, acknowledged and sacred space must be held for you in order for you to begin a process of deeper healing. In your greatest discomfort you can acheive your greatest growth.
  • You are an organic ecosystem inclusive of mind, body, and spirit. Your body is so much more the blood, bone and soft tissues. The bioenergetics of your cellular composition MUST be accounted for as well. In saying this, please allow yourself the knowledge that everything is absolutely connected. What you feed yourself (food, social interactions, media, home life, politics, engagements, workplaces etc) will have a cause and effect to your holistic well being.
  • Our collective societal views and belief systems must begin to change. We should begin to aim to cultivate empowerment, security and encouragement of self and of our peers. We are so much more than we are told we are. We must begin to trust one another again. To begin to encourage and support one another. To willingly chose to enter into a higher sense of self. It IS a CHOICE. When you take responsibility for your part your life will change in ways you would never have thought possible.

Moving forward my focus will remain in helping those willing to do the work to unravel from trauma, depression, anxiety, grieving and abuse cycles, empowerment, steps towards spiritual practices, encouragement and momentum towards thriving in life. This is where my true passion lies. Thank you to the people of the town of Arnprior for all of your kind encouragment, support and love. I would not be where I am today without you.

"Wishing all those who find my space holistic coherance, unconditional love and compassion. I pleasantly await your visit to my clinic and look forward to meeting and treating you. I am eternally grateful for your support."
- Miranda